Xalapa is a city which it had been lived in inequality; according to some information announced in 2010 by the Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de las Políticas de Desarrollo Social (CONEVAL), in this municipality was congregated the largest number of inhabitants that live in extreme poverty of the state of Veracruz with an estimated of 177, 918, which it represented 37, 4 percent of the population and this trend it had had significant changes in almost a decade since the information was announced; therefore the control and reduction of these numbers it results in an urgent priority.

That is why, that the strategic objective of this municipal administration consists on contribute to decrease the poverty and the gap of social inequality, in order to increase the levels of decent and sustainable life for an integral human development.

In order to contribute to the archievement of this objective, it is that emerges in this administration, the Consejo Municipal para la Asistencia Social (CONMAS), a vision beyond the altruism, it is professionalized for being a public body which exerts with a sustainable vision the work of generate systematized actions for the support of development and assistance programs for the population.

And that through these actions we sought to promote the recomposition and strengthening of society through the integration of the citizens into productive, atractive and viable activities, which it will be developed mainly in the zones of priority attention.