PhD. Janet García González

Directress of the Consejo Municipal para la Asistencia Social /


Graduated in two degrees: Communication Sciences and Education. Specialist in Public Health and Epidemiology; specialized at communication and health.

Her basic and postgraduate training has let her enter into the public health and create multidisciplinary teams for the study of problematics from health pervention, sociocultural problems and public politics. She has specialized at communication research, education and health social marketing, forming teamworks as advicer, national and international coordinator from the academic part of research and at institutional level. For example: California-Mexico Health Initiative (USA) with french national digital universities.

She has 25 years of experience at researching, teaching (designing and evaluating degree and posgraduate academic programs) and at administration of institutions from the branch, like: In Mexico, researching coordinator of the Autonomous University of Puebla (UAP), Academic Coordinator of the Health area of University of Veracruz (UV), Teacher and researcher of multiple public and private universities from abroad such as The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA. And recently as researcher in medical sciences of the Research Center in Health Systems and as Academic Coordinator of the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico from the Speciality of Health Promotion.

She has published several books and scientific articles in european, latin american, peer-reviewed journals about: pevention, promotion, health politics, communication strategies and health marketing.

She has six years of experience as member of the National System of Researchers (SIN NIVEL I) of the CONACYT in Mexico. She belongs to various national of international research networks as researcher and professor of Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

She has founded multiples national and international groups linked to public health, health politics on several health topics. Some examples of this are: Citizen Observatory of the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes in Mexico"; "Analysis Group of the Publicity Reform in sexual health: diffusion of the use of condom in Mexico.”; “Ibero-American Communication and Health Network. Ibero-American Network of Health Marketing and Latin American Coordinator of the Communication and Health Research Group of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigación de la Comunicación. (ALAIC)

As Advisor to the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), supporting the generation of International Public Policies on Health Communication.

Emilio Espronceda Hernández

Analysis and Evaluation Coordinator of social projects /


Master in Social Studies from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana at campus Iztapalapa and graduate in Pedagogy from the University of Veracruz at campus Xalapa.

He has experience at designing and executing of social impact projects at state  and private level. He has been Coordinator of linking communitary programs from the University of Veracruz –University Brigades and Peraj Adopt a friend. He has been teacher in Master degree and degree in social work at campus Minatitlan. He has participated in different research projects with international fundings and from the CONACYT. His thematic working lines, publications, courses and workshops are centered in the subjects of genre and sexuality, research methodology and social theory.

He has participated as rapporteur of diverse national and international events, as degree and master degree thesis jury also he has participated at refresher and formation courses in use of technologies. Currently, he is specialized in fundraising among another things.

María de los Angeles Cruz López

Management and Linking Coordinator of Social Assistance /


Industrial engineer from the Higher Technological Institute of Xalapa, she incoporates since beggining to public service, in the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Veracruz serves as link of the area of the quality system ISO 9000-2008, as gender equality area link and in charge of the internal audits of the area for the quality system ISO 9001-2008.

By joining to the H. Ayuntamiento de Xalapa, she works as youth events coordinator and later in charge of the office of the Youth Directorate, where she works as a public relations officer with different companies of the city of Xalapa for management sponsorship, also serves as a link with the area of ​​citizen attention for support to young people with economic needs and later as a link of the IMJUVE, for support management at the federal level.

Later she changed of municipal dependence and joined to the CONMAS (Consejo Municipal para la Asistencia Social) where she carried out the following activities:

Visits to municipal libraries to make a monthly report of the needs of the libraries, support on tours to the different schools of the municipality with the program "Alcalde en tu escuela" made in conjunction with the Third Regime, also she organises  educational recreation events for children and adolescents and on the other hand she coordinates summer courses for children from 6 to 12 years old at the Centro Recreativo Xalapeño.

Jacqueline Vázquez Zapata

Administration and Finances Unit /


Graduate in Public Accounting with diverses courses at The National Autonomous University of Mexico, she has worked in several public service dependencies and has received multiple trainings in administrative management of resources.

Corina Yazmín Cuevas Sangabriel

Administrative Assistant.